16in1 Brew Tea

16in1 Brew Tea

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    Product Description

    100% Organic

    100% Natural

    Hahal Certified

    FDA Certified


    Turmeric, Black Ginger, Moringa oleifera, Banaba, Sambong, Bignay, Lagundi, Guyabano, Banana, Date Palm, Mangosteen, Black Pepper, Chili Pepper, Pandan, Lemongrass, Wild Honey

    Benefits : 

    Anti Diabetes (regulates high blood glucose)



    Regulate high blood pressure (anti-hypertension)

    Reduce cholesterol 


     Immune booster 

     Reduce joint pain

     Assist in weight loss

     Improve blood circulation

     Improve libido

    Expel wind (gas)

    Improve digestion

     Liver tonic

     Kidney tonic

     Prevention of anemia

     Detoxify the whole body system

     Assist in healing & prevent peptic ulcer

     Best of sinusitis 

     Prevent GRED (gastro esophagus reflux disease)

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