AirCond Pressure Washer without Rechargeable Battery

AirCond Pressure Washer without Rechargeable Battery

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    Product Description

    *Reasonably priced with limited warranty on water pump of 6 months. Use with peace of mind!

    *Able to retain 25 Litres of water for cleaning

    *All items are in-house tested prior to selling

    *Key spare-parts such as water pump and power adapter is available for future maintenance and replacement at reasonable price and priority is given to existing customer.

    *As we specialise in DIY Aircond Cleaning, we have tested in house and assemble the right tools for our customers. 

    * We make it easy to use for all walk of lives! 

    Whats in the box!

    Water Tank capacity: 25L 

    Working  pressure:Approx 9 Bar

    Working Voltage: 12V 

    Motor power:80W

    1 X AC/DC power adapter 

    1 X Water pressure gun

    1 X Approx 6 meters hose

    1 X Soft brush for cleaning away heavy dust from coil

    Other accessories that can be used to wash car (1 X Cigarrete lighter power source for car washing )

    *Hose and connector colours may differ from the pictures. 

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