Bed Bug Killer - Organic - Non Chemical

Bed Bug Killer - Organic - Non Chemical

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    Product Description

    It is effective plant based formula ingredients to repel and dehydrate bedbug on contact without compromising your health.

    • Non-toxic
    • DEET free
    • But repel & dehydrate bedbug body fluid by mechanically remove their waxy protective layer
    • Herbal organic solutions
    • Safe to spray on matress
    • Safe for child and pet
    • Easy on your hand
    • Biodegradable
    • Earth friendly

    How BedbugBlocker works for you?

    BedbugBlocker contains botanically ingredients which are safe on non-targets but work highly effective to repel & dehydrate bedbug on contact. The solution dehydrate bedbug body fluid by mechanically remove their natural waxy protective layer.

    How to apply BedbugBlocker?

    Spray BedbugBlocker directly on bedbug or liberally on item or surface where you have found bedbugs. It will dehydrate bedbug slowly upon contact.

    Where to apply BedbugBlocker?

    Apply directly on bedbug. Upon contacted with BedbugBlocker, the solution mechanically removes waxy layer of bedbug body. This drives internal fluid of bedbug to evaporate and knockout in a few minutes. As such there is no known species resistance to BedbugBlocker. This solution is safe to use around children and pet.

    For bedbug pest preventive strategies, spray Bedbugblocker directly on mattress, box spring, curtain, floor skirting, crack & crevices in the wall to visible bedbug, out of the plain sight on the floor, ceiling and furniture.

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