Pro Disinfectant [Tested at SIRIM to Last 90 Days Protection Against Virus Bacteria]

Pro Disinfectant [Tested at SIRIM to Last 90 Days Protection Against Virus Bacteria]

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    Product Description


    Pro-Disinfectant is a new innovative product designed to combat spread of bacteria and viruses transmitted by humans as well as animals through surface contact. The risks are greatly reduced compared to conventional disinfectant.

    Current surface disinfectant has limited function. It only works for very short period of time when it is immediately sprayed on the surface. It will not protect after the disinfectant has evaporated or removed from the surface. This is when pathogens may spread.

    Pro-Disinfectant is a hybrid technology containing both the disinfecting feature and able to remain on the surface for longer period to continuously protect you and your loved ones! To validate its efficacy, Pro-Disinfectant has been tested at SIRIM for 30, 60 and 90 days!

    Sirim Test Reports

    Samples of this product have been tested by SIRIM Berhad in Malaysia. The test was performed according to the Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS Z 2801:2012): Antibacterial products-Test for antibacterial activity and efficacy (Amendment 1).  Below are the test report numbers for reference.


    Test Report Number

    Date Issued by SIRIM

    Period Tested



    22 September 2020

    30 Days



    6 October 2020

    60 Days



    6 November 2020

    90 Days

    All the 3 independent tests performed have met its objective according to the said standard.

    Benefits of Applying Pro-Disinfectant

    As a result, users will be able to enjoy the following;

    • A continuous prevention solution at all times
    • Once sprayed it lasts up to 90 days based on verified data
    • Reduces maintenance activity
    • Reduces cost
    • It does not contain Alcohol

    Henceforth, Pro-Disinfectant will be a fundamental preventive measure against bacteria and viruses in the future. In addition, you can still spray other surface disinfectant over it as interval disinfecting activity to further boost your protection, if you wish.

    Suggested Areas to Apply

    One should consider to apply to areas where there is a high volume of surface contact such as door knobs, door handle, tables, chairs, counters, reception, lift buttons, handrail on escalators, static handrails etc. Wherever there seems to have potential risk of transmission of bacteria and viruses through human touch, you should consider applying and maintain it.

    Sectors such as schools, public places, public transport, offices, retail outlets, logistics and even homes should consider applying where required.

    How to Apply:

    Step 1: Clean the surface from dust, oil or contaminants.

    Step 2: Spray and Wipe with dry fibre cloth in sections.              

    Step 3:  Leave it to dry and to form a coat for at least 3 to 4 hours.

    Step 4: Re-apply 3 months later or earlier.

    If surface areas have high possibility of scratches causing of removal of coat, then we suggest weekly applications to ensure scratched surfaces are coated with effective continuous protection. 

    Surface Coverage for 500ml spray bottle: Estimate to cover approximately 520 square feet of surface area.

    We welcome Distributors/Dealers for Nationwide. 

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