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    Product Description

    Coffee Scrub Helps Reduce The Appearance Of Fine Lines And Premature Signs Of Aging As Well As Helps To Lighten Pigmentation.

    It Also Helps In Getting Rid Of Sun Spots, Freckles, Fine Lines And Wrinkles.

    Make The Skin Shine & Glow

    ❤Trusted Brand Since 2016

    ❤100% Organic & Natural Ingredients

    ❤Suitable For All Kind Of Skin

    ❤Specially Formulated For Men And Women As Well As Children

    ❤Can Be Used On Face And Body

    ❤No Chemical Added

    ❤No Side Effect

    Approved By KKM ( NOT201001327K )

    Pocket Savings Price

    100gm Each Bottle

    ✨Benefits :

    Remove Pimples

    Remove Freckles

    Whitens Dark Skins

    Whitens Dark Neck

    Smoothes The Skin , Beautiful & Radiant

    Treating Oily Skin

    Softens And Makes The Skin Look Younger

    Has Great Exfoliation Properties That Can Completely Rejuvenate The Skin

    Works On Reducing Inflammation And Swelling

    Works On Reducing Dark Spots, Suntan, Wrinkles, And Fine Lines

    Makes Skin Tone Lighter

    Keeps The Skin Moisturized And Hydrated For Longer Period

    To Prevent Premature Aging, Gives And Instantly Glowing, Fresh And Youthful Skin

    Removing The Dead Skin Cell

    Helps To Lighten Pigmentation

    ✳️Ingredients :

    Argon Oil - Help To Treat Several Different Types Of Acne And Promote A Smoother, Calmer Complexion. Moisturize Your Skin, Soften Dry Patches, And Even Reduce Acne

    Jojoba Oil - Treating Skin Conditions Like Acne, Eczema, And Psoriasis

    Authentic Arabica Coffee ( Caffien ) - Helps To Stimulate And Promote A Healthy Circulation Of Blood Flow

    Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract - Enhance The Appearance Of Dry Or Damaged Skin By Reducing Flaking And Restoring Suppleness

    Mineral Oil - Locks Moisture Into The Skin, Softens Skin, And Improves Skin Barrier Function

    Seed Butter - Stable Skin Moisturiser And Skin Emollient

    Ethylhexylglycerin Is A Clear Liquid Preservative Derived From Vegetable Glycerin (Which Is Typically Sourced From Coconut Or Palm Oil

    Shea Butter - Protects Against Skin Dryness And Accelerates Healing Of Superficial Wounds And Irritations

    Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil - Able To Neutralize Collagen-Damaging Free Radicals, Help Reduce Scars, And Revitalize And Improve Skin Elasticity

    Olea Europaea Fruit Oil - Can Penetrate The Skin, Prevent Loss Of Moisture And Give A Silky Smooth Softness.

    Prunus Lannesiana Flower Extract - Extracts Prepared From Cherry Blossom . Effective Against Age Related Skin Damage.

    Vita – C  -  It Protects Skin Cells From Damaging Free Radicals Caused By Uv Exposure

    Vita – E  - Helps Support The Immune System, Cell Function, And Skin Health. Help Protect Your Cells From Damage

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