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    TRIIKAS RICH SERUM : Nourishes, Hydrates And Absorbs Quickly As Its Formulation Is Lighter Than Moisturizer. The Non-Greasy Serum Helps To Soothe Sensitive Skin, Smoothens Fine Lines And Wrinkles Leaving Your Skin Feeling Rejuvenated.

    Birds Nest Serum Concentration Contains Double The Active Amount Of Bird's Nest Collagen To Promote Cellular Level Regeneration And Is Anti-Ageing Property. Aqua Care Softens, Conditions Rough To Sensitive Skins Even Finger And Toenails

    ❤Suitable for male and women

    ❤Suitable for all skin types

    ❤Eliminate niggae and pimples

    ❤moisturizing facial skin

    ❤reduces pigmentation 

    ❤Non -Greasy (Oil Free)

    ❤no forbidden ingredients

    ❤No Chemical Added

    ❤No Side Effect

    ❤No Prohibited Substances

    ❤Trusted Brand Since 2016

    Approved By KKM ( NOT210304628K )

    ❤passed LABTEST

    ✨Benefits :

    Nourishes You Skin

    Hydrates Your Skin From Flaky ,Dull And Dry Skin.

    Smoothens You Skin

    Glows Your Skin

    Reduces Wrinkles And Fine Lines

    Preventing From Development Of Wrinkles.

    Moisturizers Your Skin

    Reduces Formation Of Scar Due To Pimples.

    Reduces And Control Hyperpigmentation.

    Skin Rejuvenation For Youthful Younger Looking.

    Collagen For Anti-Aging

    Pore Tightening

    Skin Firming

    Skin Brightening

    Softens Rough And Sensitive Skin On Face, Hands And Toes.

    ✳️Ingredients :

    Butylene Glycol - Help To Boost The Skin's Ability To Retain Moisture From The Air

    Pseudoalteromonas Ferment Extract ( Fermentation Of Various Herbs And Plants ) - Help To Protect The Skin From Dryness

    Carbomer - Can Be Used By Everyone And Have No Adverse Effect. Help To Improve The Texture And Sensory Feel Of Formulations. It Will Not Make The Skin Tacky, Dry, Or Tight

    Bird's Nest - Reputed To Maintain Youthfulness And Enhance The Complexion

    use triikas Rich Serum before makeup... made makeup more BEAUTIFUL and SMOOTH

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