SVN Herbal Lavender & Goat’s Milk Shower Cream (900ml)

SVN Herbal Lavender & Goat’s Milk Shower Cream (900ml)

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    Product Description

    • Formulated with Lavender & Goat's Milk extract
    • Moisturize and rejuvenates skin
    • Gives a smoother and healthier skin
    • Scrubs off dead skin cells
    • Gives you a soft, glowing skin
    • 900ml shower cream

      Relax and enjoy the soothing scent and luxurious feel of Swami Sivanandha’s Aromatherapy Shower Cream with Lavender and Goat Milk extract. This special shower cream is enriched with extracts of goat’s milk to clean and refresh the body, nourishes your skin and its calming scent helps to instil a sense of inner peace. Tiny beads scrubs of dead skin cells to leave your skin soft and glowing all the time. Swami Sivanandha’s shower cream offers you a unique experience of skin therapy and aromatherapy together.
      Product usage:

      1. Apply intended amount on palm or sponge and rub over body
      2. Rinse thoroughly with water
      • Keep away from children
      • Store at room temperature
      • Avoid heat & direct sunlight

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