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    Ministry of AYUSH

    In Siddha physiology, 'Kaba' or 'Kabam' represents one of the three subtle physiological principles existing in our body (Vatham, Pitham, Kabam), which need to be maintained in equilibrium for physical and mental well-being and an imbalance will cause diseases. Derangement of 'Kabam' generally correlates with signs and symptoms of respiratory track.

    'Sura' or 'Suram' means fever.

    'Kudineer' represents a therapeutic recipe in the form of decoction.

    In view of the above, we can understand the meaning of 'Kaba Sura Kudineer', i.e., a decoction indicated for the management of fever due to the derangement of 'Kabam'.

    Different texts describe different signs and symptoms for 'Kaba Suram'. In some texts it is associated with inreased risk for mortality.

    To suggest a medicine for the current covid-19 pandemic in a single voice, the Siddha doctors community promotes 'Kaba Sura Kudineer' for the management of the signs and symptoms of covid-19.

    The medicine was in practice for more than 1000 years and it contains herbal ingredients only. Hence no need to worry about its safety.

    We have to establish it's efficacy and effectiveness in covid-19 and whether the recipe possesses any anti-viral property against SarsCoV-2.

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