Virgin Coconut Oil

Virgin Coconut Oil

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    Product Description

    Virgin Coconut Oil 

    Enriched with Vitamin E (Tocotrinols) and Carotinoids 

    Extract from kelapa mawar (highest quality coconut)

    Cold press

    Pure (original)

    Korean carrot added

    Benefits : 

    One of the best Antioxidant 

    Reduce blood glucose, urine sugar and urine protein in diabetes patient 

    Maintain blood pressure and cholesterol in good range

    Beneficial in the treatment of Edema 

    Protect the Liver

    Help in stomach discomfort such as constipation, gastric and ulcerative colitis 

    Antibacterial agent  

    Prevent cancer

    Prevent neurodegenerative disease (eg: Alzheimer Disease)

    Keep bone at optimum level 

    Enhance immunity

    Protect Cardiovascular system 

    Prevent Bronchitis (Asthma) 

    Prevent Stone Formulation 

    Protect Kidney

    Help in faster wound healing 

    Improve Eye Health 

    Avoid anemic condition (Natural Iron Supplement) 

    Fight stress and Depression

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